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Watch Dogs Review

Posted by Admin on July 4, 2014 at 4:00 AM

Rating : 3 Star

Watch Dogs has been in the news ever since its teaser was launched in 2012. After a six-month delay, the game finally released last month and we had a chance to review the game over the weekend for you.

Watch Dogs is set in a fictionalised Illinois, Chicago that shows the best and worst parts of the city as well as the countryside. Here, players control Aiden Pearce, a hacker who is out to seek revenge against the death of his niece. Players essentially hack into ctOS, a centralised operating system that controls the city in which players can choose to play as vigilantes. ctOS is managed by Blume Corporation whose far-reaching powers are unravelled throughout the game.

Visually, the game retains the same feel as those of other premium games, somewhat over-glorifying the dark parts of Chicago. This gives the city a zombie-like feel and takes away from its reality quotient. Some blurry faces and lack of detail also contribute to the overall lack of excitement in the graphics department.

The hacking part of the game is cool though. You can check in to citizens’ conversations and read their most sensitive documents including transferring money to your account after hacking into bank ATMs. The sheer ability to hack into something and cause damage rather than go all ballistic with heavy-duty armoury or tanks is a welcome relief. It also lends Watch Dogs a firm overtone of geekdom. In fact, customising Aiden and his weapon is one of the most boring tasks of the game, primarily because there isn’t much to do in that department. Perhaps it’s all the bad karma for gathering too much money from other people in your account. Or perhaps the makers were just lazy to look into that aspect of the game.

But even hacking has its limits, especially in Watch Dogs. The problem with this is the sheer monotony of repetition that Aiden gets into. The game essentially is a series of missions for Aiden that are all similar to one another. During the rare mission where police will actually chase you for going into a restricted zone and hacking, the sub-par graphics will let you down.

There is a fair bit of suspense as you get closer to the end and things begin to unravel. It actually makes the effort of getting to the climax worth it. If only the game hadn’t relied on much on hacking and actually made the journey to the end more interesting, Watch Dogs would have been a great game. At the moment, the game feels more like a work-in-progress that Aiden himself might have to hack into to perfect.

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